Category Month: August 2011

August Madness at StreetSquash!

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Boarding School for the Summer..What?!

Months before arriving at Exeter Summer School I was very skeptical about even attending. I felt like it would be 5 weeks of being locked away at a boarding school. Also spending my summer swamped with hours of homework didn’t seem like too much fun either. In the end I decided that the...
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Water Balloons of Death

This summer I went to England squash camp for 10 days. It was a different experience than going to summer camp at StreetSquash. Their whole focus was squash, squash, squash. At times it was a very serious atmosphere. However, I shook up that atmosphere one day. My plan was...
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It’s See You Later, Not Goodbye

     This year Katie and Tony have both completed their time with StreetSquash, but they have also moved on to new things.      Hey my name is Katie Siegel and I have been working at StreetSquash for the past three years. I first heard about StreetSquash when I was volunteering at Kidzsquash...
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