Category Month: July 2012


When we arrived in Matagalpa I was immediately excited to explore the community because it appeared more walkable and relaxed than the hustle and bustle of managua. We immediately headed up into the picturesque hillside where as we climbed we saw the red and black FSLN markings of the sandanista party we had learned...
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A Day with the Kids- Day 3

When I first got to Los Quinchos I was introduced to the farm they had and out of no where, one of the boys came and took me and my friend to show us the bracelets he made. As we made it back to meet our group, we got a tour of La Finca (farm)....

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StreetSquashers Learn Nicaraguan History

Today has been our first real day here in Nicaragua. We learned both about the past and the present of this country. Nicaragua is a country of rich resources, and even richer when it comes to war. This country has seen almost a century of war, decades of inhumane dictators, and its...

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StreetSquash Lands in Nicaragua!

ImageAfter 6 hours traveling in the air, the groggy StreetSquash students landed in Managua, Nicaragua. Once completing the lines through Customs, the students exited the airport with a resurging excitement. A few could be heard stating,¨Im so glad we´re here!

Stay tuned as our adventure has just...

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