Category Month: January 2015

Parent Journey Celebration

Tonight we celebrated 6 parents who have completed the semester-long Parent Journey group. Through weekly meetings over the past four months, our Sr. Director of Social Work, Sasha Diamond-Lenow, created a space in which parents found comfort, support, and an inner-strength they always knew they had. The evening was full of plenty of...
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Yesterday afternoon we watched along as our most dedicated volunteer, Joe Kazemi, was interviewed by with his StreetSquash mentee, Daequan Leslie. The mentor/mentee pair spoke with NBC about their unique relationship at StreetSquash, and how grateful they are to have found each other. "If it wasn't for StreetSquash, we probably never would have met,"...
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2nd Annual Ladies Leadership Lunch at the Tournament of Champions

This morning our Director of Social Work, Sasha Diamond-Lenow, and StreetSquash student, Joetta '16, attended the 2nd Annual Ladies Leadership Lunch at the Tournament of Champions. Joetta was invited to speak to the supporters about her experience at StreetSquash and the positive impact it has had on her life. Thanks for the kind words, Joetta!...
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NUSEA Gala & UTN Closing Ceremony

Last night our supporters, staff members, alumni, and select StreetSquash students attended NUSEA's gala dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Over 800 urban squash supporters gathered to highlight the impact of urban squash and to honor the achievements of individuals and organizations that have led the movement over the past two decades. Although George...
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