Category Month: April 2017

StreetSquash Celebrates Earth Day

Edgardo and I took a group of high-schoolers to Seton Park in the Bronx on Saturday for Earth Day. We met bright and early, taking the subway - followed by a mile-long walk including over 200 uphill stairs - to reach our destination. The staff from the NYC Parks Stewardship Program gave us a quick...
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Lifetime Athletics Bronze

This weekend, I traveled with six StreetSquashers to the Lifetime Athletics Bronze Tournament in Harrison, New York. For several students, this was their first US Squash tournament of the season. All of the StreetSquashers showed a great deal of spunk and grit throughout the weekend, fighting for every point and maintaing excellent sportsmanship. Everyone was wonderful in competing for every point,...
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Rothenberg Tournament

This weekend, I took five high-school students to play in the Rothenberg Tournament at the Eastern Athletic Club in Brooklyn. The group started out strong, winning all of their Friday matches! Still flying high from our Day 1 results, Saturday proved to be similarly successful. We got off to an early start, given our 8:00am match times. Issey '19 won his...
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StreetSquash Showdown

On Saturday, we hosted a group of Newark StreetSquashers for what would become a very close match. An annual event, the StreetSquash Showdown is a highly-anticipated day full of squash, camaraderie, and fun. In total, we fielded 26 students (8 middle-schoolers and 18 high-schoolers). With the help of Ana, Josh, and Chloe from Newark, we started...
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