Category Month: November 2019

StreetSquash Heads to NYC Votes

Earlier this month, over 30 StreetSquash 9th/11th graders and staff visited NYC Votes – a nonpartisan voter engagement initiative in the city – to make phone calls ahead of Election Day on November 5th.

Volunteering with NYC Votes was a unique community service opportunity for...
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StreetSquash Celebrates National College Application Week

Last month, StreetSquash staff and participants came together to partake in College Application Week. The national event takes place annually from October 21-25, and aims to ensure all high school seniors have the chance to apply to post-secondary programs.

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November’s Students of the Month

Starting this month, StreetSquash began recognizing two participants as our Students of the Month – one participant from our Harlem site, and one participant from our Newark site.

For the past 20 years, we’ve watched our participants grow and thrive every single day. Now, we are excited to keep celebrating their...
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REACH Week Takes Over at StreetSquash

In October, StreetSquash participants and staff got together in recognition of REACH Week. Curious what REACH Week is? We’ve got the breakdown.

What is REACH?

At StreetSquash, we hope our participants will grow into Resilient, Engaged, Accountable, Connected, and Healthy adults. We believe these five characteristics ensure our...
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