A Breast Cancer Walk Perspective

On Sunday, October 16, StreetSquash volunteered at the Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park. When we arrived at Central Park we broke into groups. One group was handing out water bottles to the walkers and the other groups were on the sidelines cheering on the walkers. My group contained Brandy, Kiran, Karan, Shanice, Miguel, Mekhia, Kiran’s dad, and Mark standing on the side cheering at the top of all of our lungs. We said some different chants to motivate the walkers like, “Big or small save them all!” or “Walk for the cure!” and then of course Karan’s favorite “Boobies!” We also high-fived a lot of the participants. It was so amazing to see everyone wearing pink and coming out to support cancer survivors and research. Seeing a lot of kids there made me even more happy because a change is being made in our generation and we are coming together and preparing to make a difference. I will never forget this day!

-Kamali Williamson, Team 4