A Day with the Kids- Day 3

When I first got to Los Quinchos I was introduced to the farm they had and out of no where, one of the boys came and took me and my friend to show us the bracelets he made. As we made it back to meet our group, we got a tour of La Finca (farm). They had cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits, sheep & goats. We stood around looking at the animals and taking pictures with the children. It was very surprising that the boys were excited to take pictures with us. It wasnt long until the boys took us around to show the rest of their home. On the tour we passed by a swimming pool & the boys started to shows us tricks they learned.It was very touching to see them playing around and enjoying each otherĀ“s company as well as ours, instead of fighting with each other. After seeing them play in the pool, we had a challenging soccer game featuring StreetSquash vs. Los Quinchos. They gave us a good game, and they won. The boys had a greater impact on me more than the girls home because I got to know the boys much better than the girls. When everyone was hanging out just talking and attempting to understand what the boys were saying in spanish, some type of ant stung me and one of the little boys thought it was his fault so he started crying. I felt so bad I was trying to take the pain and hurry through the process of cleaning it up so I could go talk to him, to tell him it was ok and that it was not his fault. Then I gave him a hug because he thought he was going to get in trouble. Over all I enjoyed meeting new people, understanding their way of living Imageand learning new spanish phrases.

-Tishina Bowden