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Squash is an indoor racket sport played all over the world, but with limited exposure in the United States. At StreetSquash, almost all students are introduced to squash for the first time when they join the program. Over the next seven years, they develop a love for the game and work hard to hone their skills through regular lessons, training sessions, and competition. By the time StreetSquashers are in high school, many are competing in regularly scheduled matches and tournaments, and a growing number of graduates are playing squash at the collegiate level.

On court, squash is an individual sport, but nearly every squash experience at StreetSquash takes place in a team context. During the school year, students practice three times a week with their teams. Practice sessions focus on drills, conditioned games, and fitness. Squash Directors lead practice session with assistance from volunteers and team mentors.

To learn more about volunteering as a squash coach, please use our volunteer sign-up form.

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