February Alumni Spotlight: Rokya '10

b8a201bf-cb94-474b-a9d2-7260c1a97eaeWhat have been some of your favorite moments at Bates College?
One of the most rewarding experiences at Bates was the opportunity to study abroad in Fortaleza, Brazil. I have also enjoyed the academic work and independent studies classes that Bates has to offer; two of my favorite classes included The Racialization of U.S. Institutions and Hip Hop: Race, Power, and Representation. I am proud of starting an entrepreneurship competition at Bates, and my work as a Diversity Outreach Coordinator at the Admission Department where I coordinate Bates Prologue, the diversity open house and overnight experience for high school seniors.

As you start thinking about entering the professional world – what do you see yourself doing?

After graduation I plan to challenge myself and begin working on skills that apply to entrepreneurship and start-up work. While I am open to any industry, I am most interested in small firms and startups. I want to explore positions in operations, project management, and strategy.

Do you think you or someone you know would be a good person for Rokya to connect with to discuss her professional interests? If so please contact Assumpta for Rokya’s contact info!