Fine Dining with the Gentlemen of StreetSquash

Fine Dining with the Gentlemen of StreetSquash – Guy’s Night!


StreetSquash’s JP Morgan Library was transformed into StreetSquash Bistro for our 2nd Annual Guy’s Night Etiquette Dinner. Roughly, twenty guys showed up for the food, lessons in etiquette, and most importantly the male camaraderie. Some students took it up a notch dressing to impress for the event.

We began the night with an introduction to proper etiquette and the importance of having etiquette at formal dinners, interviews and other social functions. The discussion was lively with students contributing their own thoughts and questions during the mini lessons of appropriate small talk, learning to tie a tie, and common dos and don’ts at a dinner table. During the tie tying workshop, the students learned how to tie a half windsor compared to a full windsor knot. Kyrell showed off his skills by making a bow-tie out of a regular tie.

The rest of the night we ate and observed how the students on their interacted with one another. The students were judged throughout the night on their small talk, clothing, tie tying ability and overall manners. Students helped themselves to rice, chicken and salad. As usual, not a grain of rice was left on their plates. A special thanks to goes to Jordano for sharing his expertise on etiquette. Overall, the night was a huge success with students being engaged and coming together for another great Guy’s Night.

Award Winners:


  • Best tie-tier: Kyrell ’16
  • Best dressed: Justin ’17 & Titus ’16
  • Best small talk: Ja-Yril ’17
  • Gentleman of the Night: Trevor ’17