May Alumni Spotlight: Raven ’13

What has been the most inspiring class you’ve taken so far?

The most inspiring class I’ve taken so far was my Creative Writing class. Being able to give and receive high quality constructive criticism from my peers and professors really helped me refine my writing skills. It also made my creativity spark, giving me the space to think of new ideas and how to improve my stories. This class pushed me to be the best writer I can be, and really helped me shine in this form of art and expression.

What are you most excited about as you think about transferring to pursue your Bachelor’s?
I’m most excited about being in a new environment and meeting new people that share my interests and passions. I’m also excited about improving my craft at one of the best schools for the Visual & Performing Arts, Purchase College. After college, I see myself working for a magazine publication and publishing a novel. I am hoping that the classes I take and the connections I make while I am at SUNY Purchase will help me work towards these goals.

Do you think you or someone you know would be a good person for Raven to connect with to discuss her professional interests? If so please contact Jennifer for Raven’s contact info!