National Girls and Women in Sports Day

This past Saturday we had a fun-filled afternoon celebrating female athletes. Donning our new “Game On!” shirts, the StreetSquash girls began the day with a healthy lunch and were assigned to different teams that were a mix of grades, volunteers, parents and friends. After a brief history of National Girls & Women in Sports Day from Sasha, the event kicked-off with team building activities on each court. Following the team building and bonding, every team came up with a chant and performed it in front of the group. Courts 1 and 2 were reserved for StreetSquash parents and beginners, where Rakey ’10 and Liz ’10 taught basic squash to the noble novices, while everyone else had a rousing game of 7UP. The afternoon featured a handful of dance sessions with women dancing it out to Beyonce and getting groovy with the cha-cha slide. The day concluded with a victory to Team Sasha, a gigantic group picture, and finally doing the cupid shuffle. Thanks to all the parents for an amazing turn out.

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