Professional Squash Advisory Board

The Professional Squash Advisory Board – made up of touring, teaching, and doubles pros from around the world – support the activities and growth of our students and staff in various ways. From teaching StreetSquashers how to prepare for the big match, to leading teams in the StreetSquash Cup and Jr. Cup, the PSAB lends their expertise and efforts to help make StreetSquash even better than it is today.

The PSAB’s goals include:

  • Advocacy: Act as world-wide ambassadors of the program to promote the mission and impact of StreetSquash.
  • Special Events: Participate in annual StreetSquash Cup and/or StreetSquash Jr. Cup.
  • Professional Development: Provide guidance and support to squash staff to foster exceptional coaching.

PSAB Membership Pros

Alister Walker
Current Pro
Highest Ranking World #12
Bradley Ball
Former Pro
Highest Ranking World #23
Brian Mathias
Squash Rx
Campbell Grayson
Current Pro
World #39
Charlie Johnson
Head Pro
Yale Club of NY
Chris Walker
Former Pro
Highest Ranking World #4
John Musto
Head Pro
Princeton Club of NY
Jonny Smith
Current Doubles Pro
World #9
Katline Cauwels
Former Pro
Highest Ranking World #42
Manek Mathur
Current Doubles Pro
World #1
Nick Matthew
Current Pro
World #4 
Nicol David
Current Pro
World #6
Richard Chin
Head Pro
Harvard Club of NY
Wael El Hindi
Former Pro
Highest Ranking World #8


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