Student Leadership Council

The StreetSquash Student Leadership Council is an initiative currently available to any high school student. The SLC is comprised of motivated, caring and ambitious high school students, with the common goal of contributing to the success of StreetSquash and the young people the organization serves.

Purpose of the Student Leadership Council:

  • Educate peers about the importance of StreetSquash
  • Promote high-quality volunteerism for StreetSquash
  • Raise funds for StreetSquash by planning and participating in new and existing events
  • Encourage SLC participation and growth throughout NYC high schools

Benefits to SLC Members:

  • Strengthen leadership and communications skills
  • Learn how a charitable organization operates and the critical importance of branding and fundraising
  • Engage with like-minded peers and StreetSquash students and foster new and exciting relationships
  • Interact with StreetSquash staff and community and gain experience working with a wide variety of professionals

Application Process

We are accepting applications for the coming school year from July 1 to August 12. All accepted new members will have successfully completed the following steps to become an SLC member in September 2022.


Letters of recommendation and hard copy applications be sent to StreetSquash or emailed to