StreetSquashers Learn Nicaraguan History

Today has been our first real day here in Nicaragua. We learned both about the past and the present of this country. Nicaragua is a country of rich resources, and even richer when it comes to war. This country has seen almost a century of war, decades of inhumane dictators, and its fair share of heros devoting their lives for the peace of the people. The United States were the ones manipulating the country to go to war with itself over and over, yet we are greeted by everyone here with smiles and nothing but kindness. The Nicaraguans hate the United States´s government, but not its citizens. It is funny that the United States is a more advanced country, but we accuse every muslim to be a terrorist because a group of radicals decided to kill thousands of people when the United States government were responsible for millions of deaths here yet we are welcomed in the warmest of ways. I´m still processing all of the information but it is interesting to learn the way governments and countries interact. This is teaching me to love my country enough to want it to do the right thing.

——-Shaheem Perry

Day two in Nicaragua

Today was really inspiring, I have learned a lot about the history of Nicaragua. We learned that the USA was giving money to the dictator to support the war knowing that plenty of people were dying. It took only one man to stand up and create his own little group called the little crazy army. It was called the little crazy group because when he started the group it was only thirty of them, and after a while people started joining them. Why was it that he was the only one that decided that it was enought? I think that it was that rthe other people were scared of dying or losing everything by going aginst the dictator. The culture and the history of Nicaragua is interesting. It was really not a culture shock for me because I grew up in country where some of the villages look like the city of Managua.

…… Fatou Sangare