Summer Discovery

Summer Discovery

The StreetSquash Summer Discovery Program is a fun and meaningful day camp in July and August for children at StreetSquash partner schools. For students in the After-School Program, Summer Discovery is an extension of the program year. New students are also introduced into the StreetSquash family. Incoming 6th through 9th graders in our community get a chance to try out for the school year program.

  • Educational Activities: students participate in team-based activities on and off the squash court. StreetSquash staff have developed an exciting curriculum that engages students and opens their minds to the world around them through weekly themes.
  • Squash: Streetsquash staff, interns, and summer counselors teach new students the basics of squash using drills, games, and team-based activities.
  • Field Trips: students take educational field trips to broaden their experience and perspective. This has included environmental studies with Rocking the Boat in the Bronx, art projects at the Museo del Barrio and the Whitney Museum, marine research with the Hudson River Park Trust, and neighborhood research in Jackson Heights Queens and Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

For information about volunteering during the summer, please contact

• Orientation & Training: TBA
• Camp runs July 5, 2022 – August 12, 2022

The StreetSquash Summer Discovery Program provides students entering grades 6 – 9 with an exciting summer of squash, fitness, academic & cultural enrichment. During the morning sessions students participate in an engaging squash program and a challenging, interactive academic curriculum that reaches beyond the customary classroom subjects. In afternoon sessions, students choose from a wide range of activities: squash, arts and crafts, outdoor games, and more. In addition to the athletics and academics, we will perform community service and take regular field
trips and outings across the city.

Daily Program Schedule


9 – 930am   Breakfast
930-10am   Open Squash
10:00-11:30am   Morning Session 1: Half the campers participate in academic enrichment sessions with the academic staff. The other half participate in squash and fitness activities with the squash coaches.
11:30-12:oopm   Morning Session Wrap-up
12:00-1:00pm   Lunch
1-2:30pm   Afternoon Session 1: Half the campers participate in academic enrichment sessions with the academic staff. The other half participate in squash and fitness activities with the squash coaches.
2:30-4pm   Half the campers attend a CASAS session. The other half participates in swimming.
4-4:30pm   Afternoon Wrap-up & Student Dismissal


Position Description

StreetSquash is seeking motivated, dynamic, and energetic individuals to serve as counselors in our Summer Discovery Program. Counselors’ primary role will be to serve as leaders and role models for the students in their assigned team. They will guide students in academic and athletic sessions, accompany their team throughout morning sessions, and facilitate weekly afternoon workshops with other staff. Counselors are invited, but not required to write and implement curriculum for a weeklong workshop. See page 4 for more information on workshops.

Counselors will also participate in StreetSquash’s Leadership Development Program, a course designed to develop and grow our counselors’ leadership skills set throughout the summer. Counselors will meet individually with staff and attend weekly group trainings. Topics that will be covered in the trainings will range from facilitation skills, to group management. Trainings will take place during the lunch hour on Wednesdays, lunch will be provided.

A squash background is not required to apply. Counselors who are interested in coaching, running fitness, and leading lessons related to nutrition should have an intermediate squash rating of 2.5 or better.

General Responsibilities Include:

  • Supervising students during arrival, dismissal, and transition times.
  • Assisting with set-up, clean up, chaperoning field trips, & other tasks as necessary.
  • Performing administrative duties including maintaining student attendance and student contact list.
  • Serving as a mentor and role model for students attending Summer Discovery.

Why Apply for a StreetSquash Leadership Program

  • You will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of a diverse and exciting group of children. Join a team of smart, high energy, & dedicated interns, volunteers, and staff who are committed to making a great summer experience for our students, and for each other.
  • Opportunities to share your personal and professional passions through workshops & lessons with guidance from StreetSquash’s staff.
  • Gain exposure to the field of non-profit youth development through workshops with StreetSquash’s Executive Director and Director of Strategic Development, and other nonprofit professionals.
  • Squash-playing counselors have the opportunity to gain valuable coaching experience under the leadership of former collegiate scholar-athletes, along with time for intensive training and clinics with NYC based teaching professionals.
  • Counselors will be provided with a personalized StreetSquash t-shirt, discounted Summer Round Robin admittance, and invited to various counselor bonding adventures.

Commitment Required
Counselors must commit to a minimum of two consecutive weeks and attend one
day of training in June. Counselors are welcome to apply for the full summer. The
program day runs 9:30am-4:30pm and counselors are expected to work the full day.

Although this position is unpaid, we are happy to work with you to apply for funding
or credit at your school, if available. We are happy to write you a recommendation
at the end of the summer and to make sure you get community service hours from
your school.

Position Qualifications

  • Applicants must be 16-24 years old and enrolled as rising high school upperclassmen or college students.
  • Counselors interested in coaching squash should have an intermediate squash rating of 2.5 or better.

Completed applications are due no later than Friday, May 23 rd, 2015
Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.



Summer Discovery counselors are invited to write a curriculum proposal for a
weeklong afternoon workshop. Workshops run for four days, 1 hour a day. Think about
a topic that you would be excited to explore with middle school students. Whether it
is academically focused, artistic, athletic, or in some other category entirely, your
passion and creativity should excite the students to explore your lessons
enthusiastically. Previous workshops have included arts and crafts, yoga, juggling,
filmmaking, and dance. We encourage you to be creative, have fun, and think
outside the box!


  • Choose a topic that interests you and that you would like to share with the
  • Create four 1-hour long lessons. Lessons should be hands on and exciting, to keep the students interested and engaged.
  • Workshops should be able to accommodate 12 to 15 students and be able to
    take place in a classroom or outside in central park.

Workshop Outline Model

Workshop theme:_________

Day 1

An overview of the days lesson for facilitator
Objective:   The general point of your lesson.
Outline:   Outline what the lesson will look like for the day. This should be
detailed enough so that another facilitator could run your lesson.
Materials:   List of everything facilitators need to implement the lesson. E.g.: pens, crayons, 1 laptop per 4 students, copies of worksheet.


Workshop Outline Example

Workshop theme: Rugby

Day 2

Description:   Begin to introduce the rules of rugby.
  Have students complete touch only game at the end of the lesson.
  • Have students warm up
  • Review
    yesterday’s lesson of how to pass the ball. Have students
    complete passing drills.
  • Introduce rules and explain layout of the pitch
  • Walk students through a touch only game
  • Have students play a touch only game
Materials:   Rugby balls, cones, pinnies (or t-shirts), mini white board, dry erase marker, print out of rugby rules