Team 2 Thrives at Ramapo Retreat

IMG_5014 (1)

Team 2 had a wonderful trip to Ramapo this past weekend. All of the activities and team building ropes courses were facilitated by an amazing team from Ramapo and Team 2 fully participated. Each group worked amazingly well and demonstrated great team work while playing small group, large group, and individual challenges. They learned how to come up with solutions to problems by communicating in an activity that required that pass a can around the circles without using hands, then arms, then hands or arms. They supported each other in the high ropes challenges by yelling for each other and cheering each other on. We finished the trip with a jump rope challenge that would be an amazing activity for all our students to try. They were frustrated and got angry but were eventually willing to listen to help and to each other and then able to successfully complete the task.


Highlights: Watching the known leaders grow and leaders in hiding step up. Shout out to Monique supporting this trip and supporting the kids to show up! Everyone expected to be there was there. Best turn out ever!
One of the best team building things I’ve seen happen at StreetSquash and I hope what they said and learned will stick.