Team 5 Trip to Camp Bernie

This weekend we took Team 5 to Camp Bernie in New Jersey for team bonding in the great outdoors and it went really well! Nearly everyone asked if we could extend our trip or return in the summer – success! We did archery, canoeing, candle-making, campfire cooking, a climbing tower, a giant swing, and karaoke. Archery was the favorite activity of the first day, and the giant swing and the climbing were both a big hit for the second day. Many of them had never done any of these activities before, and were really excited to get out of the city. In their free time the kids were obsessed with playing basketball and racing each other, which was fun to watch. I definitely feel that they became closer as a team, and I also got to know them a lot better as well. Overall, a good growth experience for everyone.
Madeleine, Academic Director