USA takes on the UK

On my way from a long day at school to squash I was thinking it was a regular ole Monday (squash practice). I appear at squash ready to volunteer as usual before practice and, to my surprise, I had a match to play at 4:30. I was excited and nervous at the same time like before every match, having no idea that these kids were from ENGLAND. Standing on Court 4, ready to do introduction, I was nervous to see the size of this kid. As I went to go introduce myself I was shaking and felt cold… I was a nerve wreck. After intros, hearing Christian say that the number 4 players would be refereeing first and playing second was a big relief, well, not really.

Watching Sion play his match was really tough. I was shaking when I saw how well these kids played. I got colder and colder and more nervous as Sion finished with a victory. Suddenly, there I was on court about to get started, warming up a bit, trying to lose the jitters.

As we spin for serve my hearts beat faster and faster until the racquet hits the floor… my serve. This is were all the action starts, within this first serve I am ready to go. The first game was a piece of cake, but I guess he was just getting warm. He won the next with no problem. The third game was a battle. We both fought for that game and it turned out to be a success for me. Forth game was another battle, it was either win this game and win the match or lose and play the last and final game. I lost. The last and final game was also a tough one. Points were long lasting and neither of us was giving up. I wanted to win this match so badly but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The score for that game was 12-10. I came out with a victory and was very excited. I deserved that win. At the end of the match I received a plaque with their school logo and name, a little something to remember the time when I played Charterhouse.

-Divine Wing, Captain Team 3