Cam’s Big Debut

Name: Cameron Neely
Age: 15
School: Xavier High school
Yrs of exp: 0
Favorite type of squash: Butternut

So this past Friday I got the opportunity to interview Cam Neely about his experience with StreetSquash. He first found out about StreetSquash through his little brother who plays hockey with George Polsky’s (founder of StreetSquash) son. Cam wanted to get involved in StreetSquash because he thought it would be a good experience and opportunity to teach others what he had learned.

Cam told me that the most fun part of his StreetSquash experience was watching the kids present all of what they learned throughout the week in their academic lessons. His most favorite part of squash in general were the kids and their enjoyment being at StreetSquash. He said that it makes it all worth while. When Cam isn’t helping out kids he likes to volunteer at other places like StreetSquash, play hockey and hang out with friends and family. The best advice that he has ever received is even after doing all the hard work, you have to reach out there and take it.

During his last week in StreetSquash Cam planned the lesson for the week which was all about entrepreneurship. The kids learned all about what goes on in businesses and how to make them work. On Friday the kids put to the test what they had learned during the week when they set up their own businesses and put on commercials for us. Each team got a classroom to set up as a beverage stand with special deals, advertisements and fake money. The commercials that the kids put on were hilarious. There was everything from jingles, to dances even squash.

Cam got his idea for the lesson from Starting Artists which was a place he worked at where they taught all about entrepreneurship. From his experience at StreetSquash he learned that teaching is very hard work and that he has to give more credit to his teachers. He would also love to come back next summer to volunteer.