StreetSquash’s mission is to provide consistent, long-term, and reliable support to the children, families, and schools in Harlem and Newark. By exposing students to a broad range of experiences and by maintaining the highest standards, StreetSquash helps all participants realize their academic, athletic, and personal potential.


To improve academic performance among program participants.

To ensure participants graduate from high school, enroll in and graduate from college or other post-secondary programs, and gain meaningful employment.

To provide intensive squash training and ongoing competitive opportunities for program participants.

To help participants develop healthy habits as it relates to physical and mental well-being.

To support ongoing personal and professional development among all program participants.


100% High School Graduation Rate
37% higher than New York City and Newark Public Schools

97% College and Post-Secondary Matriculation Rate
49% higher than New York City and Newark Public Schools

68% College and Post-Secondary Graduation Rate
More than 4x the national average for students in the same demographic


A Busy Month of Squash Competition
Throughout the month of November, StreetSquashers traveled near and far to compete in various squash tournaments. Our students have been
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StreetSquash Heads to NYC Votes
Earlier this month, over 30 StreetSquash 9th/11th graders and staff visited NYC Votes – a nonpartisan voter engagement initiative in
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StreetSquash Celebrates National College Application Week
Last month, StreetSquash staff and participants came together to partake in College Application Week. The national event takes place annually
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