Social Work

Social Work

The StreetSquash Social Work Program works with students and families to improve and deepen the services and support that StreetSquash can provide. Recognizing that participants and their families need more than just academic and athletic support to be successful, StreetSquash social workers aim to address social-emotional, mental health, and many others needs through individual and small group counseling, referrals for outside services, and a variety of programs for students and families.

Student Support

  • Individual and Group Counseling: Support for current students and alumni, focusing on healthy relationships, identity, leadership, race, sexuality, and social emotional support.
  • School Support & IEP Review: Ensures all students are supported in school, including focused action planning for those who are not on track for graduation or have special learning needs.
  • Health Education: Monthly health workshops per team, focusing on sex education, nutrition, and body awareness.
  • Crisis Support: For youth and families from health to housing and financial support and referrals
  • Conflict Prevention: Encourages students and staff to de-escalate conflict and increase communication skill

Parent Engagement

  • Family Leadership Board: Monthly meeting for parents to learn about and discuss StreetSquash updates and events.
  • Parent Journey: Semester-long parent group focused on helping parents build stronger families by developing the inner strengths, life skills, and networks of resources they need to succeed. Parent Journey is open for registration each fall and spring for current or alumni parents or guardians of StreetSquash students.