StreetSquash parents are critical to each child’s progress in StreetSquash from middle school through college. From attending weekend practices, team outings, college seminars, and tournaments, parental involvement is essential to the StreetSquash model.


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Proud Parents of StreetSquash:

StreetSquash is such a great place where the kids are thriving. For me, the reason to be involved is that my kids are doing so well and I want to give back. StreetSquash is a safe place and they are great at keeping the kids active and involved.
Sunita Budhiraja, Mother of Karan ’18 and Kiran ’17, Chair of Parents Board

I’ve always felt it is important to be involved where my kids are involved, and StreetSquash has proven to be an excellent program.
Eileen Gibson, Mother of Ernesto ’10, Aunt of Cameron ’16

I love that StreetSquash helps a lot of children who would not have the opportunity to go to college. The program is excellent because it motivates kids to do something positive and give back. They learn all they can accomplish with hard work and the support of people behind them.”
Chandra Hicks-James, Mother of Justin ’17, Secretary of Parents Board

The parents are warm and inviting. I have never been a part of a community like this before. It’s been wonderful to find extra parenting support and networking opportunities.
Karen Coles, Mother of Destnie ’20