Family Squash Day

Family Squash Day was a great opportunity for parents to get to learn the basic rules of the game of squash and to get a chance to get on court with their kids. Some parents such as Pervis Nesmith (Brandon and Jayden’s Dad) were already naturals at the sport and instead of their kids running them around they had the opportunity to show off their skills. Other parents such as Earthly Jewels (Naheem and Ty’east’s Mom) and Al-Naima (Nasir’s Mom) playfully gave their kids the evil eye whenever they hit one shot winners. Overall it was a great time for parents and kids to be able to share the same space where they spend so much time at. Many of the kids are passionate about the sport of squash and it was great to see them be able to share that passion with those closest to them.

-Katiria, Squash Coordinator