Forming Alliances at BuzzFeed

On Wednesday October 5th members of StreetSquash visited BuzzFeed in NYC to meet and connect with BuzzFeed editors, writers, photographers, etc. Students walked into BuzzFeed where they were greeted with pizza and fountain drinks from there unlimited soda machines. Students were invited to take a seat while members of BuzzFeed provided background on their lives being members of the LGBTQ+ community while working for BuzzFeed. Students listened eagerly and intently to what the panel was saying and many students jot down notes and questions along the way. When the panel was done speaking students had the opportunity to share some of their questions with the panel. Students were then invited to participate in an ice-breaker surrounding LGBT issues, icons, and celebrities. The students were tasked with breaking into groups with a member of BuzzFeed as their guide and create a list and topic of LGBT issues, icons, and celebrities much like current BuzzFeed articles. Students were then asked to share their lists and many students had lists such as “LGBTQ+ characters we don’t want to die in t.v. shows” other students chose “The top 10 most influential LGBTQ+ celebrities.” Students were given the opportunity to express themselves and connect with other students, BuzzFeed members, and professionals. Overall, students had a great time and expressed their desire to return in the future! Everyone left the event feeling positive about the experience, their BuzzFeed selfies, and also about the ice cream machine that BuzzFeed had!

-Ryan, Social Work Intern