Into the Unknown (o.O)?

Three years ago to this day, I was nervous about what was to come in the fall. I was transferring to a high school in Farmington, Connecticut called Miss Porter’s School, and I knew this place would be nothing like Thurgood Marshall Academy.

The fear of the unknown, and the rumors made me anxious about starting at MPS. I was told that if I chose Porter’s over Westover (another private high school in Middlebury, Connecticut) I would either turn into a preppy snob or I would hate my time there because I would be surrounded by preppy snobs. Silly me because there was nothing to fear. I am still the same girl that left TMA three years ago except I’m wiser and more mature. That prophecy about hating it never came true. If anything, I was the one that was close-minded prior to attending Porter’s because I wasn’t as willing as my peers to try new things. Three years later, I’m sitting in the same position.

This fall, I’ll be starting at Barnard College, and this time I’m not nervous about anything. Sure, it will be a new experience, but Porter’s taught me to not be afraid of the unknown, and to instead embrace the unknown as a challenge ripe for the conquering. Wish me luck!

-Ayanna Hall ’11