It's See You Later, Not Goodbye

This year Katie and Tony have both completed their time with StreetSquash, but they have also moved on to new things.

Hey my name is Katie Siegel and I have been working at StreetSquash for the past three years. I first heard about StreetSquash when I was volunteering at Kidzsquash in Poughkeepsie, NY. I then came to StreetSquash to volunteer and I loved being on the courts and I applied for the job.
One of my favorite moments at StreetSquash was when Divine beat me and I taught Divine to play squash. Other favorite moments of mine were taking the kids to my parent’s house and every graduation that I have ever been to.
From my StreetSquash experience I have learned that kids are way more fun than grown-ups. I also feel that after my StreetSquash experience I came out a different person. I think that everything you do changes you in one way or another.
Now that I have left StreetSquash I am going to be the Executive Director of Urban Squash Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul). I will be helping a new urban squash program get started.

Hey my name is Tony Maruca and I have also been at StreetSquash for three years. I learned about StreetSquash through another former StreetSquash staff member, Chris Tom. We both went to Williams College together. I wanted to be a part of StreetSquash because I love squash and NYC.
Some of my favorite moments from my time at StreetSquash are my first college prep trip to Baltimore, urban team nationals in Philly (my boy’s team won), Brad’s trip to the Brooklyn Bridge, end of the year ceremonies, and the time that I took the kids to another after-school program where kids learn to do circus tricks.
From my StreetSquash experience, I have learned to keep kids organized, to be positive so that the kids are positive as well, kids can play squash forever if left to their own devices, and to have more patience. After having been through this StreetSquash experience I have come out different than when I first started. I feel a lot more responsible and I have a better appreciation for how relationships with kids can be.
Now that I have finished my time here I will be staying in NYC. I don’t have a long-term plan. I have a part-time job as tutor. I also am going to start working at a friend’s company called Two Seed and I am looking to get a part time job playing squash.

Although we are sad to see Katie and Tony go, we wish them the best of luck for the future. Thanks for the time you have spent here from everyone at StreetSquash. Good Luck!