Journey To Germany

Name: Johannes Thuerauf
Age: 18
School: Fridericianum
Yrs. of exp: 9
Coach’s name: Norbert Thuerauf and Phil Whitlock

Shelby and I had the pleasure of interviewing Johannes Thuerauf, who is here from Germany for the month of July. He found out about StreetSquash on the internet. His reason for wanting to come to volunteer was the idea of the program. In Germany, they don’t have non-profit after school programs like StreetSquash. In Germany, the kids don’t get to participate in those types of programs. He told us that they would go to a sports club of some type.

Johannes said that the most fun part about StreetSquash was teaching the kids to play squash and being able to play squash all day. He was especially feared in the torture chamber. His favorite part of squash is the mix of strategy and fitness.

In his spare time, Johannes likes to meet with friends, play the classical guitar, party, the cinema and swimming. The best advice he has ever received is to keep thinking optimistically. From his StreetSquash experience, he has learned to cope with difficult situations when educating kids. When we asked him if he would come back next summer to volunteer again, he said jokingly that he would send his sister…lol.