Photo Recap: Top 10 Pictures From Recent Alumni Visits!

As we near the end of the first semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, we are celebrating our first-year college students, who are almost midway through the school year!

As part of providing consistent, long-term, and reliable support to participants beyond high school, our dedicated College Access, Success, and Alumni Support staff commit to visiting our graduates twice while they’re at college or another post-secondary program.

The first visit happens during a participant’s first year of school, presenting an opportunity to closely monitor factors like transitioning to dorm life, meeting academic counselors, and balancing course loads. The second visit occurs during a participant’s third year of school, with this touchpoint geared more toward graduation, career goals, and preparing to enter the workforce. On-campus alumni visits are one of the many ways we strive to maintain and improve upon our 68% graduation rate from college and other post-secondary programs, more than 4x the national average for students in the same demographic.

This fall, Jazmin Matos, College Success and Alumni Support Coordinator – Harlem, and Charmain Walkin, Director of College Access and Success – Newark, spent time with students on their campuses at Bard College, Mohawk Valley Community College, Connecticut College, Trinity College, Smith College, Ithaca College, Hobart and Williams Smith Colleges, and more!

“I love seeing our alumni in new environments, and getting to learn more about how they’re navigating through new experiences. I appreciate the extra time to support our residential students, because I don’t get to see them in person often.” – Jazmin Matos

“It’s a great feeling to see that our alumni are growing into their own identities and making adult decisions. I was also excited to visit our young people on their college campuses in New Jersey – the state has beautiful campuses!” – Charmain Walkin

Check out the top 10 photos from our recent round of alumni visits, where we checked in on our Class of 2019!

StreetSquash Class of 2019

On-Campus Highlights

*indicates competing on varsity college squash team

Trinity College*

Smith College

College of Staten Island

SUNY Albany

Connecticut College*

Syracuse University

Bard College

Monroe College

Hobart & William Smith Colleges*

Ithaca College