Reunited and it feels sooo good!

Last friday on July 15th, we had an alumni event from 5-8pm. This was an event to get the alumni to come back to the building and hangout with each other. For some this was their first time seeing the new facility which was built in 2008. Even alumni from the first graduating class (2005) came back to the building which I was excited about because I barely get to see them since most of them graduated from college and some even moved out of NYC. It was such a good turn out for Samantha and I considering this was the first event we had to plan on our own. I have to admit I was very nervous because even though I have attended an alumni event before I wanted everything to be perfect.

We had food catered from “Love Catering” which included: Baked chicken, Macaroni and cheese and Collard greens. We also had ice cream for dessert which everyone loved :). After dinner there was a Job Searching workshop hosted by Brad who is the new Alumni Outreach Program Director.

My highlight of the night would have to be when LaTasha’s daughter threw up on her lol. I thought that was pretty funny because it happened out of nowhere and happened right before I was going to reach for her. Samantha’s highlight of her night was the ice cream. She loves ice cream!!!

(From left to right: Cody Levy ’09, Brad Young, and Ramon Potter ’09

We had a great time and hope that more alumni will attend the next workshop in 2 weeks!