Sports Day at Columbia University

On Saturday we took 45 students to Columbia University for a day of squash, basketball and fun. The students where spilt up into 3
groups and rotated through squash and basketball. The students were all engaged, respectful and were having fun. It was a great experience for some of the students to see the roots of StreetSquash. A lot of students asked why Columbia’s courts look the way they do. A few of the students said “No wonder Columbia uses our court” and “we are lucky that our courts are so nice”. Hopefully, the middle school students are a little more appreciative of the space that we have. After the event we took a nice stroll back to StreetSquash, where pizza was awaiting us. All and all, it was a great event for the students to get out of the building and be exposed to a different environment.

Special thanks to Cynthia (Roche’s Mom), Eric (Vondell’s Dad), Amanda (Andrew’s mom) for helping chaperone the event, as well as, Tosin and Parija (volunteer).

-Edgardo, Senior Squash Director