StreetSquash Caps Off 2019 With Mid-Year Awards

One of our favorite times of the year is when we come together to celebrate our participants’ accomplishments with our Mid-Year Awards. In December, our Harlem and Newark staffs hosted participants, their families, and their friends for an evening of awards, food, and fun.

Mid-Year Awards honor students across a variety of categories, and we appreciate the opportunity to show our participants how much we value their dedication to the program.  We also love the chance to build deeper relationships with our participants’ family members, and to create opportunities for caregivers to meet other StreetSquash parents. The Harlem ceremony was hosted at the SL Green StreetSquash Center, and the Newark ceremony took place at the BS Johnson Center.

Congratulations to all of our award winners, and to all of our participants for an amazing few months of hard work on the court and in the classroom. Check out a full list of winners below, along with more information about each award. Also, enjoy more photos from the award ceremonies here.


Newark staff pose for a picture with students who earned the Participation Award.

Participation Award

The Participation Award goes to students who have attended 90% of all practices. These students’ consistent presence on the court demonstrates commitment and responsibility. 


6th grade – Abdul, Amir, Andrew, Awa, Chyna, Da’Jae, David, Dalelyn, Darnell, Dominic, Joshua, Kaden, Machi

7th grade – Aaron, Angela, Brandon, Carl, Gabriela, Genola, Janae, Jonally, Jonathan, Joseph, Lamin, Osiris, Raihanna, Simeon

8th grade – Fatou, Hayley, Karon, Khissaiyia, Saibatou, Sienna

9th grade – Ahmed, Aichatou, Alina, Alvarah, David, Evan, Justin, Kiara, Krystal, Madison

10th grade – Amasa, Casey, Enrique, Genesis, Jada, Jaidyn, Janiece, Jaysun, Jonathan, Joshua, Marcus, Marley, Symone, Yvoniel

11th grade – Alveann, Andreus, Conner, Elijah, Jahmir, Korey, Lillian, Michele, Raya

12th grade – Adovy, Jadelyn, Johnasia, Kaiya, La’fayia, Maholy, Naheem, Nicholos, Sarabi

College Prep Award

The College Prep Award recognizes high schoolers who have gone above and beyond in their college applications. This includes reaching out to admission officers, completing college interviews, meeting application deadlines, and doing everything possible to give themselves the widest range of post-secondary opportunities. These students have shown a strong commitment to their own success and options after graduation.


David, Jonathan, Kaiya, La’fayia, Lillian,  Zhae


Harlem participants are all smiles after an evening filled with fun, food, friends, and family.

Squash Commitment Award

The Squash Commitment Award goes to students who have shown a strong commitment to improving and excelling in squash. Participants earn this award by working hard on the court during practice sessions and matches. This includes demonstrating sportsmanship and respect toward teammates, coaches, and volunteers.


6th grade – David, Joshua

7th grade – Jonathan, Naomi

8th grade – Isaiah, Khissaiyia

9th grade – Aichatou, Gael

10th grade – Amasa, Khadim

11th grade – Elijah, Jahmir

12th grade – Nicholos, Sarabi


Team Staff Karl and Carly present Sienna, Class of 2024, with the Spirit Award.

Academic Commitment Award

The Academic Commitment Award goes to students who have shown the strongest commitment to their studies. Participants earn this award by working hard in study sessions, being open to aid offered by volunteers and staff, and by doing everything necessary in the pursuit of academic excellence.


6th grade – Ashmah, Malak

7th grade – Brandon, Naomi

8th grade – Gus, Saibatou

9th grade – Jada, Marley

10th grade – Enrique, Seth

11th grade – Dontay, Lilly

12th grade – Crystal, La’fayia

Back to the T Award

The Back to the T Award goes to students who have shown an extraordinary amount of resilience and persistence. These students have worked hard in areas where they have faced hurdles, and they have demonstrated self-advocacy, continued effort in the face of obstacles, and progress toward overcoming past and present challenges.


6th grade – Da’Jae 

7th grade – Simeon, Maurice

8th grade – Hwarin, Makayla, Saibatou

9th grade – Aichatou, Kiara

10th grade – Amasa, Ixayana, Jaidyn, Kiara, Marcus

11th grade – Kaci, Korey

12th grade – Adovy, Jadelyn, Johnasia, Narissa


9th grade team staff Karl and Carly celebrate with their students who received the Participation Award.

Spirit Award

The Spirit Award goes to students who display great enthusiasm for StreetSquash on a consistent basis, on and off the court. Participants earn this award by working hard in squash and academic sessions, supporting their teammates, and representing the program well in all areas and settings.


6th grade – Awa, Shiyenne

7th grade – Aaron, Joseph

8th grade – Antwan, Sienna

9th grade – Alvarah, Dremell

10th grade – Jaysun, Marcus

11th grade – Andreus, Promise

12th grade – Johnasia, Maholy

Making the Team

Finally, at our Mid-Year Awards, we also take time to celebrate the latest group of participants who made the StreetSquash Team!

To make the team, participants complete a multi-week tryout period. Rather than weighing academic or athletic abilities into our selection process, we instead seek out applicants who exhibit positive attitudes, commitment, and hard work.

Here are the students who recently made the StreetSquash team:


6th grade – Abdul, Amir, Andrew, Aubrey, Awa, Carmelina , Chyna, Darnell , David, Daylen, Dominic, Emmanuel, Journieh, Lillie, Machi, Malak, Zayvion

7th grade – Angela, Ashley, Autumn, Fatoumata, Genola, Jackson, Janae, Lamin, Marielis, Raihanna, Troy, Vikram

8th grade – Hayley, Papa

9th grade – Keannie, Kiara, Krystal, Louis, Rylie

10th grade – Marley


Congratulations to all of our award winners, and also to all of our students who work hard every day. Interested in helping one of our students achieve new milestones over the next year? Email to learn more about volunteering at StreetSquash and making a positive impact in our participants’ lives.