StreetSquash Gears Up For 2022 Summer Programming

Students enjoy ice cream during 2021 Summer Discovery

StreetSquash is excited to begin its summer programming for 2022! The organization is proud to provide two summer camps, Summer Discovery for Middle Schoolers and Summer Quest for High Schoolers.


Though StreetSquash spends the entire school year providing squash instruction, homework help, tutoring and more, we also spend the summer months giving students the opportunity to explore New York City, different cultures, and tap into their various interests and talents. 


Summer programming features squash instruction, field trips around New York City, SEL workshops, career development and college exploration workshops. We know that the choices students make today can have a significant impact on their future. Our summer program is meant to help guide students find what it is that interests them most, and help lead them on the correct path to achieve their goals.


In addition, we know that oftentimes students return to school in the fall, forgetting much of what they learned the prior school year. Though our summer program is filled with tons of fun activities, games, and trips, we also work to make sure that they avoid the “ summer learning gap” and begin the next school year prepared. 


StreetSquash also gets students in the swimming pool. Not only is swimming fun, but it’s a survival skill. Many students lack the opportunity to visit pools or beaches and as they grow older, they become afraid of the water. But we get kids learning to swim over the summer from trained lifeguards. It gives them that classic summer pool experience, but also ensures they’re prepared if they’re ever in a situation where they end up in water unexpectedly. 


Each Friday, students will get to go on field trips all throughout the city where they’ll experience various arts, foods, cultures, and more. 


Like our programming during the school year, Summer Discovery and Summer Quest are completely free for students and families. We rely on the support of generous donors to ensure the best experiences for our students.


Families can still enroll a child in our summer programming. Our summer programming begins on July 5.