StreetSquash Showdown!

On Saturday, March 5th, 28 StreetSquashers faced off against StreetSquash Newark for our inaugural StreetSquash Showdown! The match was split into a high school and middle school match. It was a great event for some of the students who typically don’t get match experience. After a late start to the matches, we were able to get 3 rounds of matches, with the number 1s and 2s playing on the first available court.

Some highlights from the match included: everyone cheering on Sabrina during her match and she received coaching from multiple teammates; Jahresse almost didn’t play in the match because he didn’t have his StreetSquash uniform, but went home to get it and played some great squash at the number 1 spot and winning 13-11 in the fifth game; Andrew played in his first match and won in 3 games; all the students that played had a great attitude on and off the court. It was a pleasure to have StreetSquash Newark in the building and connecting with StreetSquash Harlem.

Overall, StreetSquash Harlem won the high school match 10-4. The middle school match ended in a tie 7-7. Special thanks to Ana and Chloe for making the trip for the match.

-Edgardo, Squash Director 

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