StreetSquashers place in Lifetime Athletics Silver tournament

This weekend I traveled with 11 student to Harrison, NY for the Lifetime Athletics Silver tournament. There were a lot of highlights from the weekend with all the students being troopers traveling back and forth. There were four different grades represented at the tournament and all the students were interacting and getting along with one another.

A few highlights from the weekend included:

  • Issey’s dad showing up to watch his match, they are pretty much the same person.
  • Jalil’s opponent’s parent told me that his son said that Jalil is the nicest person he played against.
  • Inaijah volunteering to referee matches during her free time.
  • Zeinab winning third place in GU15.
  • Naheem winning consolations finals.
  • Ja-yril coming on Sunday to support his teammates.

-Edgardo, Senior Squash Director