Team Trips!

Gabby, Nnemoma, Madeleine, and I took 20 9th graders to Ramapo for Children this weekend! We did a ton of team-bonding games, a low ropes course, went on a hike, competed in iron chef with camp-style ingredients (tortillas, marshmallows, chocolate chips, peanut butter, apples, etc.), played some campfire games, along with volleyball, soccer, double dutch, basketball, and wrapped up the weekend with a high ropes course that was 100% terrifying.


Highlights were seeing students challenge themselves in new activities and engage with each other outside of their cliques, especially during our shout-outs to wrap up the weekend on Sunday; low-lights were some intra-team competition when teamwork would have been more productive during iron chef.

Fam pic! Team 4 huddles up for a group photo after a weekend of team bonding.

-Clare, Academic Coordinator, Teams 4 & 5



On Saturday, Jasmine, Rokya, Leana and I took 19 sixth graders on a trip to New Roc City. Everyone arrived on time or early, and we were out the door by 10:45!
After arriving at Fun Fuzion at 12:00, we had a quick lunch of pizza, and then hit the games! With 3 hour passes, the kids played Lazer Tag, carnival games, arcade games, mini golf, bumper cars, air hockey, pool, rode the carousel, and a few brave souls even ventured onto the Roller Coaster Simulator. Everyone represented StreetSquash beautifully, and assembled on time when we were ready to leave. We caught the train back to New Rochelle in a slight misty rain, and made it back to the building for a 5pm departure.
Overall, the trip was a wonderful team-building experience, seeing different individuals mix and mingle and forge relationships that will hopefully persist through the next 6 years and beyond.
Special thanks to all of the wonderful staff who went on the trip and added to the fun, as well as Alex’s mom, who joined us as well.
-Katie, Senior Squash Director, Team 7
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