Water Balloons of Death

This summer I went to England squash camp for 10 days. It was a different experience than going to summer camp at StreetSquash. Their whole focus was squash, squash, squash. At times it was a very serious atmosphere. However, I shook up that atmosphere one day. My plan was to ambush two of the coaches and have all the campers pelt them with water balloons.
The first step was to inform all of the campers of my plan. The most frequent question was “Where did you get the water balloons from?” I had the water balloons from 3 years before. Over the years I had been trying to get rid of them. I had seen that I had a chance to do that and liven up the mood of the campers. I had to get an inside man. I needed a coach that would lure the other two to the ambush. Once I did that everything fell into place.
I passed out all of the water balloons to the campers. I took my camera so that I could get a video of it. My inside man had the idea to get the two coaches outside by telling them that I wanted to take a picture of them. At first, there were suspicious as to why all the campers were outside, but they posed for the picture anyway. I counted down from 3 and on 1 everyone threw their water balloons. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the first impact on video. However, I got a memory that will last forever.
-Jazmin Matos ’12