And the Alex Trebek Award Goes to…

In a close showdown during 9th Grade College Prep Jeopardy, the four groups battled it out over questions of Vocabulary, College Knowledge, Study Skills, and Grammar. It all came down to a Vocabulary Final Jeopardy in which each group had 10 minutes to write a story using as many vocabulary words correctly as they could remember. This is some pretty impressive work! Here were the winning and runner-up entries:

“Once in the notorious streets of LA, there was a vicious villain that surpassed even the worst ever known, who made any person fractious at the meer sight of his silhouette. His vocation was manufacturing phonetic books, but everyone knew this was a cover-up job. He was a novice villain but was one of the worst. He had a friend and sidekick named Pauly the Flamboyant. So one day a neophyte bunch came up to them in a phony manner, claiming they could surpass them. Then the notorious leader told the others to destroy them.”
-By Miguel, Abdoulie, Javaughn, Christopher, Isaiah

“Behind her brown eyes is a girl nobody really knows. In person she’s the nicest person you’d ever meet. But behind closed doors, she’s a phony, manipulative person. She was born with a fragile heart and no one cared about her. She was an only child. She was a novice to her cheerleading team and when she finally got her chane to shine she fell from the top of the pyramid and fractured her face. Although her face was damaged, she had surplus encouragement from mom to find her true vocation. One day she would.”
-By Che’Zelle, Kamali, Yasmin, Star

Sareen Pearl, Director of College Prep Programs