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Where Are They Now: Luke Robinson

[caption id="attachment_22140" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Luke Robinson during his time at StreetSquash[/caption] Luke Robinson, who spent seven years with StreetSquash can proudly state what he’s doing these days. The 2018 graduate is in school studying sociology, and also works as an after-school counselor for third graders.   “I like...
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An Overview of the StreetSquash CASAS Program

[caption id="attachment_22159" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Zeinab Bakayoko, a former StreetSquasher and member of Trinity College's Squash Team received a CASAS visit in April 2022[/caption] One source of pride for StreetSquash is not just preparing students for life after high school, but maintaining contact with students during that time...
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Where Are They Now: Daequan Andino

[caption id="attachment_22126" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Daequan Andino (right), seen with StreetSquash Executive Director George Polsky (middle) and former classmate Raymond Flowers (left)[/caption]

The StreetSquash Days

When Daequan Andino joined StreetSquash, it was a completely different time. The organization had only started a couple of years prior, and there was...
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Alumni Round-Up: StreetSquash Graduates Take the World by Storm

From earning standing ovations to helping their college squash teams to victory, our alumni have been busy showcasing all that makes them amazing.

We know just how special and talented our alumni are, but we relish any opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments with our larger communities, too. Last month, we checked...
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