College Prep Trip

Teams 2 & 3 Head to Albany


The trip to Albany went well! Edgardo and I took 15 students to SUNY Albany, Union College, Skidmore College, and Marist College. First stop on our trip was SUNY Albany, where we had an information session and then a great tour. The kids all loved it and want to go there. Following the tour, we got some lunch then headed to Union College which the kids didn’t enjoy as much. While SUNY Albany was rich in diversity and showed a lively student body, Union lacked in comparison. Afterwards we drove to Saratoga Springs to visit Skidmore College. Throughout the tour the students kept saying “that’s so Sasha;” regarding staff member Sasha’s proclivity for gender neutral spaces.

Following a delicious dinner after a long day of tours, we went bowling where my staff versus student winning streak was sadly broken by Joetta ’16. Losing an hour’s sleep led to some tough wake-ups Sunday morning, but we set off just about on time. Halfway back to the city, we visited Marist College. Thanks to a generous senior, our students got a brief tour of the campus, spoke about her major in Communications, and gave some advice about scholarships and handling professors. We had lunch in the dining hall (sushi and jello?!) before driving back to the city.

Thanks to Edgardo for chaperoning his first college prep trip!
-Cici, Director of College Access & Success