January Alumni Spotlight: Raheem ’12

Meet Raheem! A familiar face among the Urban Squash community, Raheem graduated from StreetSquash in 2012 and went on to pursue his BA in Sociology at Wesleyan University. In addition to leading the Wesleyan squash team as captain and number 2 on the roster, Raheem tutors at a local elementary school, coaches squash and volunteers with the elderly. After graduation Raheem plans to continue to give back to the community around him, and hopes to pursue a career in youth development and non-profit work.

What have been some of your favorite moments at Wesleyan?

Many of my highlights at Wesleyan are the conversations that I have had with people that have expanded my mind and perception of the world. Becoming more self-aware of the problems of the world and becoming more knowledgable in different areas has really made an impact on me. However, not being consumed by those thoughts of negativity and searching for my own solutions within my respective environments is one of the most important aspects of my undergraduate career at Wesleyan. Developing a stronger sense of my identity and having that self-confidence to bring up issues of race, class, etc. in white dominated environments have been among my most rewarding experiences. Taking the opportunity to try to dispel the preconceived notions that some have developed as a result of ignorance about the harsh realities of the world can be a difficult endeavor, but I am glad to simply start those discussions with those that are willing to listen.

What exactly are you hoping to do after you graduate?

I am hoping to get into youth development and non-profit work. I want to help those inner city youth learn navigate through the white dominated spaces that they get placed in. I want to use my experiences and the opportunities that I have been given through playing squash (boarding school, Wesleyan, etc) to give them a role model that has been through similar experiences as them, but also give them the tools to excel in all aspects of life. I want to find the balance between being on the ground floor helping the youth, but also doing the necessary behind the scenes work to create structural changes in whatever organization I find myself in. 

Do you think you or someone you know would be a good person for Danny to connect with to discuss his professional interests? If so please contact Assumpta for Raheem’s contact info!