Soiree Raises Over $21,000 for StreetSquash

On the evening of Thursday, December 1st, the StreetSquash Young Leadership Committee hosted their premier event of the year, the StreetSquash Holiday Soirée. Now in its fourth year, the Holiday Soirée was hosted by YLC Executive Board members Chandler Lusardi & Alexander Ma. The event was undoubtedly the best yet, with over 230 guests in attendance and over $21,000 generated for StreetSquash, a 28% increase in attendees and 133% increase in revenue from last year. Overall, the evening was plentiful in high energy, celebratory spirits and an abundance of appreciation for StreetSquash.

Highlights from the evening included wonderful remarks from StreetSquash alumnus Jamzmin Matos, who spoke about the meaningful impact of StreetSquash and urban squash, and the permanent love she has for the game; an outstanding raffle and auction, with over 35 prizes collectively donated to the event; our wonderful alumni, Rakey Drammeh, Liz Gatling, Julian Hackney and Rokya Samake who volunteered at the event and ensured everything ran smoothly; and our fantastic Soirée co-hosts, Alexander Ma and Chandler Lusardi, whom brought the event to new heights, making the Soiree StreetSquash’s largest event in terms of number of attendees!

A special thank you to our Soiree Host Committee: Brendan Austin, John Battinelli, Joseph Brazzi, Eliza Calihan, Hadley Chu, Shake Culzac, Will Fantini, Yasser El Halaby, Nicholas Hughes, Frank Hamilton, Peter Hansen, David Hoffman, Stephen Jervis, Ronald Kamdem, Tyler Kyle, Ryan Kurtzman, Jason Lieberman, Anne Madeira, Parker McClure, Daniel Miggins, Charlene Neo, Alexander Nunez, Emily Park, Gregory Paul, Nelson Schubart, Emily Simonton, Jessica Vogel, Christopher Wang, and Julie Warshaw.