StreetSquash hosts largest college fair to date

On Friday, March 24, StreetSquash hosted our 9th Annual College Fair, which was a huge success! Four of our eight courts were transformed to host over 40 colleges and universities, plus two alternative options, the US Marines and NPower. Each institution welcomed our 9th – 12th grade students to come speak with them about their program. Students were very engaged throughout, and many colleges commented that they were asking really inquisitive questions.

A few highlights from the afternoon included:

  • StreetSquash seniors who are already accepted to college, and some college-going alumni in town for spring break, helped greet admissions officers, and continued to mingle with everyone downstairs.
  • Morehouse College attended the fair for the first time, our first-ever HBCU (Historically Black College or University) to attend our fair.
  • A handful of caregivers joined us, including Leslie A. and Mauricio’s mom, Genesis O’s dad, Jalil’s mom (and Karan’s, Jade’s, and Briana’s moms came to the parent workshop afterwards).
  • We hosted students from CitySquash and StreetSquash Newark, which kept the fair busy and bustling the entire time!
  • Tindakay ’18 received the unofficial award for “Best Dressed,” having taken my advice to “dress to impress” to heart.

Thank you to all of the colleges and universities who attended the fair. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year at our 10th annual!

-Cici, Senior Director of College Access and Success