Category Month: January 2016

Parent Journey Celebration

Congratulations to the 4 amazing parents who completed the  Parent Journey group, a weekly, four month long group for parents at StreetSquash. Special thanks to Ren Murrell, mother of Ryan, '19 and Raya, '21 who helped facilitate and took a leadership role this time around after completing the Journey group in Fall '14. Other graduates...
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Teams 3 & 4 get a taste of college!

StreetSquash took advantage of Regents week when kids don't have school to visit some local colleges! Some 10th graders visited SUNY Purchase, a small, public liberal arts college just north of the city. Two alumni, Kamali '15 and Raven '13, gave us a tour in between their Tuesday classes. They showed us some of their...
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January Alumni Spotlight: Raheem ’12

Meet Raheem! A familiar face among the Urban Squash community, Raheem graduated from StreetSquash in 2012 and went on to pursue his BA in Sociology at Wesleyan University. In addition to leading the Wesleyan squash team as captain and number 2 on the roster,...
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