January’s Students of the Month

What better way to kick off the New Year than with two new Students of the Month?

We launched the Student of the Month program late last year, and we are excited to unveil our first recipients in 2020!

For January, we tasked our Academic department with nominating participants who embody the REACH value of Engaged. In the classroom, an engaged StreetSquasher:

    • Settles in quickly and is ready to go at the start of the session
    • Understands the importance of productive academic sessions for all, and self-regulates as needed
    • Actively participates
    • Consistently demonstrates a positive attitude
    • Tries hard and wants to participate in all aspects of the program

Congratulations to Saibatou, Class of 2024, and Carmelina, Class of 2026, on being selected as January’s Students of the Month! Learn more about these two and how they’re engaged at StreetSquash below.

Newark Student of the Month: Saibatou

“To me, being engaged in academic sessions means being focused on the work at hand. It means studying the things you learned in class that day, and in past classes so that you can retain information better. Being engaged also means that you are not distracting others around you so that you can focus on your work, and others can do so, too.  I make sure I have no homework left by the time I get home from StreetSquash so that I can rest for another day of school. I ask for help if I need it.

My family inspires me to stay engaged. They make sure I am on top of my studies, and also make sure I am trying my best no matter what. They inspire me because they try their best to make sure I get all of the opportunities I can for my education and success.” – Saibatou, Class of 2024

Saibatou (left) poses with her Academic Coordinator, Ifeoma (right).

Here’s more on why our Newark staff nominated Saibatou to be Student of the Month:

Saibatou is an incredible student both in academics and squash. Saibatou is an inspiration to have in my class, and she reminds me every day why I chose to do what I do. Saibatou is determined, hard-working, kind-hearted, and a pleasure to be around. I have no doubt in my mind that Saibatou deserves this award and much more. Saibatou, if you are reading this, you are an amazing student and I am so happy that our paths were able to cross.” – Ifeoma, Academic Coordinator – Newark

Harlem Student of the Month: Carmelina 

“Being engaged to me is when you give someone your attention. This can be through raising your hand to answer or ask a question. Even talking to someone in class can help you feel more engaged. First though, you have to learn how to listen.

To stay engaged during my academic sessions at StreetSquash, I raise my hand and answer our “Do Now” questions and check-ins. I listen to what Mina, Leslie, and other staff members say. I think listening is respectful, and everyone deserves some level of respect. Being engaged is definitely one way to respect others. It’s just the right thing to do.” – Carmelina, Class of 2026

Carmelina (center) celebrates her nomination with Leslie (left, Academic Support staff), and Philomina (right, Academic Director).

Here’s more on why our Harlem staff nominated Carmelina to be Student of the Month.

“Carmelina comes into academic sessions prepared with her planner and homework assignments, and she engages in all classroom activities. Carmelina consistently demonstrates leadership characteristics. She is honest, outspoken, and supports her teammates when necessary.” – Philomina, Academic Director – Harlem

Check back next month to see who will be February’s Students of the Month!