Category Month: February 2017

StreetSquash Celebrates Black History Month

StreetSquash's Diversity Initiative, led by a handful of StreetSquash staff members, hosted a two week long film festival throughout February. In an effort to both honor black history and celebrate black future we showed a variety of genres. The line up included:  episodes of Black-ish, The Wire, the Roots, The Evolution of Hip Hop, and...
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National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Tonight we hosted NGWSD 2017 - as usual, it was a smash!! With over 110 female StreetSquashers, families, friends, alums, and volunteers attending we had a great night. Starting at 6:00 with open squash, the girls played around to some tunes! At 6:30 we started the event with Sasha giving an little speech about the National...
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