Category Month: February 2020

StreetSquash Supports National Mentoring Movement With Mentoring Day

Who is your mentor? At StreetSquash, we are always working to help our students answer that question.

Hopefully every one of us can name a mentor who has made a lasting impression on our life. There is no denying the critical role mentorship plays in who we become and what we...
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Newark Seniors Hit the Slopes for Final Class Trip

Our students may be used to the squash courts, but recently our Newark seniors traded in their racquets and tennis shoes for snow tubes and winter boots.

Over the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, our Newark seniors and staff packed their warmest clothes and headed to the Pocono Mountains...
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Alumni Round-Up: StreetSquash Graduates Take the World by Storm

From earning standing ovations to helping their college squash teams to victory, our alumni have been busy showcasing all that makes them amazing.

We know just how special and talented our alumni are, but we relish any opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments with our larger communities, too. Last month, we checked...
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