Category Month: May 2017

Team 3 Trip

Hi everybody! Nnemoma, Will and I had such an awesome team trip with the tenth graders! We left StreetSquash after a quick breakfast around 9:30 on Saturday morning. We drove a couple hours to Skirmish Paintball in the Poconos, got our camo suits, met our incredibly confident referee Mike (he told us several times that he...
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Team Building for Team 5

This past weekend, Madeleine, Katiria, and I took 23 8th graders to Ramapo Retreat in Rhineback, NY. Almost all the students showed up before we asked them to, which allowed us to leave on time. After the hour and a half trek, we arrived at Ramapo and were greeted by our staff, Tricia, Dottie, Lyel,...
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StreetSquash Hosts NUSEA Invitational

On Saturday, StreetSquash hosted the Second Annual StreetSquash Invitational, where five different NUSEA programs participated in a one-day tournament at the SL Green StreetSquash Center.  65 participants in the U13 and U15 age groups were represented from Steel City Squash, CitySquash, SquashHaven, Capitol Squash and StreetSquash Harlem. It was a jam-packed day of squash with matches...
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The Interact Show with StreetSquash alumnus, Nasir Ellis

On Thursday, I took the 10th grade boys group to The Interact Show, hosted by one of our very own alums, Nasir Ellis. We traveled downtown to 59th and 11th Avenue, where the studio was located. Around 6PM the show began with a warm-up activity, led by StreetSquash alumna Rokya Samake. Rokya had us watch...
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